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The Xbox Live Stats Widget application is now available on the official Android Market for free. It has now already been downloaded over 60,000 times!

We have communicated with Microsoft and now have access to the official Xbox Community Developer Program information feed, which makes the data a lot more up to date.

Keep track of what your friends are doing on Xbox Live with the Xbox Live Stats Widget!

Due to the great enthousiasm by users we had to ask Microsoft to increase our daily API access limit twice already, and it seems to be working more stable now. However, if the popularity of the widget keeps growing as fast as it does, similar problems may or may not pop up again.

We are also working on a few other Android experiments and applications to test out the GUI and other functionality, and are looking at possibilities to create tablet applications, for example for the upcoming Notion Ink Adam.

12 thoughts on “Xbox Live Stats Widget

  1. I love this app but I’ve noticed that sometimes when the widget shows my friends offline, it doesn’t list when and where they were last seen. Could this be because they are appearing offline? Or is it just a bug?

  2. I’m having several issus with the app. Two of my friends live stats show none info about them and it does not notificate me when they connect, and in one of them, in the gamerscore, instead of showing the gamerscore, shows a null/null thing, Can you please help me? I have the app installed in both my phone and tablet. This problem appeard one day and it’s still ocurring, I intalled it in my tablet wishing it would occur the same thing, but it does. Maybe its got to be something wih your servers? I find this app very usefull. Please help.

  3. It´s a great app and love it but since I installed Go Launcher, the widget stops working after a while. It´s as if Go Launcher somehow made it difficult for the widget to keep itself alive. After a while just displays “Loading” and stays that way forever. I have to close it then re-open it. Please check. Other than that, the app is great.

  4. I’m sorry I’m finding your application for the xbox live friends thing is not working on my galaxy s5 any help? Thankyou

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