A logo made by Siebe Bluijs, inspired by the All Arts Are Equal design set. The logo was used on several flyers about the TOMS project.

Do not think outside the box

A sign I made during the Visual Design course @ VU. Actually, I'm not sure if it qualifies as a sign, as it has no univocal meaning.

CreaTe Logo

A logo for the new Creative Technology curriculum at Twente University. I made this logo during the Visual Design course @ VU.

Bord Avatar

An image I made using a large number of kaleidoscopelike filters. I use it regularly as an avatar, for example on


A photoshop painting made a few years ago.

VGA Trailer

This trailer is a short video that was made as an invitation to other gamers to join our gaming group. The VGA is a group of people studying at the VU in Amsterdam who join every once in a while to play a langame on their laptops. The second goal of this video was to capture the moment for later, including the travelling from enkhuizen to the vu, the hallways of the vu and a classroom that we game in.


This is one of the earliest video's of kud, called "snor" which is dutch for moustache. This joke was picked up on the internet and spread out because of fans telling their friends that they should watch the video. The video gets its success from its absurdity, twist and shockfactor.

Nieuwspagina Promo

This is the promo video for the new website system. The original kudsite was updated to a wordpress powered website which allowed kud to frequently post blogs about the progress in the video's. This upgrade also allowed website visitors to leave comments which added a whole new experience to the kud franchise.

Kweekvijver Promo

This is the pre-release version of the Kweekvijver Promo which should have been aired on TMF, a dutch tv channel. TMF found that this video was too offensive so kud made a second less shocking video afterwards which actually aired on TMF.

Visual Design

Visual Design is a course given at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam by Anton Eliens. In this course the students are encouraged to explore different kinds of visual design by creating some examples like a logo, sign, collage and storyboard from their own idea's

Deborah Garden

This is a picture I took of my girlfriend last summer. She really looks great on a background of very a very strong, bright green nature background showing off her new crumpler t-shirt.

Ping Wing

Ping Wing is another character in the Kud universe, created and animated in flash. Ping Wing usually serves as a medium to play out the fantasy's and idea's of the main figures while they are dreaming, singing a song or just thinking about something.

Blij Zwijn

This is the "Blije Zwijn" from the music video "Shenkie" by "De jeugd van tegenwoordig". This clip was made due to a contest, in which the best submitted videoclip would actually get to be the official videoclip. Thanks to this video Peter Lub later got an assignment to create the videoclip for the song "Konijntje Wiebelen" by "Willie Wartaal".

Kud Logo

This is the logo Peter Lub made for kud. It shows the two main figures of the show in full glory. All art is made in flash and animated in flash as well.

Storyboard VD

This storyboard is a storyboard for a future music video which will be created for the song "Ik wil nog wel een beetje slagroom" by Kud which we recorded last weekend. With the help of camera movement explaination with visual and textual support this storyboard tries to give an impression of the visuals and mood of the music video.

VGA Shout

This is the VGA shout logo, still used in our shoutbox. It kind of reminded me of the AZ logo but yet it is very different. The colors and the "hard" font make it stand out pretty well

Portrait Peter

This is an image of me which I found pretty well done. It is one of a long series in which I got very bored but managed to give a smile or two

Overvener Progames 2

This is an image I created for a lanparty called the "Overvener Progames part 2" which is a lanparty that took place in Overveen. The whole VGA crew was present and had a wonderfull time gaming on their laptops, gamecube and eating saucages

Neeltje Uitsnede

This is one of my early photoshop works, it is a photo I got from a girl I knew after I told her I was practicing with photoshop. This is the result of the heavy photoshop beautification proces. I think the dark edges with de lighter middle really attract the attention to her eyes, as well as the extra saturation of the blue color.

Locationlet Art

This is the locationlet art I created for the Locationlet program, which was a project we started in the course Multimedia Authoring. The system consisted of a php / mysql database like system with locationpointers on a map, which could be updated with the locationlet MIDlet, an application for a mobile device which could send its position through GPS and display it on the website.

Radio Prize

This is a sketch drawn by Peter Lub. He had drawn it on a fancy drawing paper and scanned it in to later announce that it would be a prize you could win on during the live radio show. When we sent it to the winner, he was very happy and posted a picture of the sketch to show off to all the other fans.

Guitarist Drawing

This drawing made by Peter Lub is the cartoon version of me (Peter Peerdeman). Though the details arent that precise, the image clearly speaks for itself which is a great feature. It actually looks pretty well.

Green Garden

This is a picture I took this summer (2009) of our new pond in the garden. The colors in this picture are very saturated, and looks very natural. The shuttertime could have been longer to create a nicer water effect but I like this as well. This picture also shows our dog Frodo in the background.

Dog Perspective

This is a photograph I took of my family's dog, it is a shih tzu called 'Frodo' of about 4 years old on this picture. I really like this picture not only because it is very sharp and clear, but also because of the composition and the perspective, the dog looking straight up on a background of stone tiles.

Creative Technology Logo

This logo is meant to be a very simple, clean logo. The starting point of this logo were the fonts for the words that I wanted to have on the logo. Because the study is new and nobody knows the name yet I thought it would make good sense to include the wordss "Creative Technology" in the logo. When searching for fonts that would look good on the logo I found two different fonts that woould make a perfect match in the logo. One creative and one technology font. Because everyone can be a star while participating in the Creative Technology study I have decided to put in a yellow start as the symbol for the study. The meaning of the symbol may not be clear to everyone but it is an appealing and friendly symbol in a bright and happy color. The hard edges of the star make it a little "tight", where the technology part of the study comes in

Contrast Photo

This is a self shot photograph, heavily edited in photoshopped. By dividing the picture in two layers seperated in the middle, I have raised the contrast on the left side to a point that only the eye can be seen, while on the right side, the contrast is raised to a level that it is still possible to see some details in the hair. The image makes for a perfect icon or portal picture, as seen on my webspace

Tat Tvam Asi

Collage made for the Visual Design course 2009.

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