Adam Tablet

The Adam Tablet is a tablet computer currently under development by Bangalore-based firm Notion Ink. NiftySystems has followed the development of the Notion Ink Adam with great enthousiasm.

We have a lot of ideas for tablet based computing and therefore we have applied for access to the Project Genesis to be able to develop applications for the Notion Ink Adam. For more information visit the official Notion Ink Blogpost about the Genesis Program

Xbox Live Stats Widget

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The Xbox Live Stats Widget application is now available on the official Android Market for free. It has now already been downloaded over 60,000 times!

We have communicated with Microsoft and now have access to the official Xbox Community Developer Program information feed, which makes the data a lot more up to date.

Keep track of what your friends are doing on Xbox Live with the Xbox Live Stats Widget!

Due to the great enthousiasm by users we had to ask Microsoft to increase our daily API access limit twice already, and it seems to be working more stable now. However, if the popularity of the widget keeps growing as fast as it does, similar problems may or may not pop up again.

We are also working on a few other Android experiments and applications to test out the GUI and other functionality, and are looking at possibilities to create tablet applications, for example for the upcoming Notion Ink Adam.


After decades in which the keyboard and mouse have been the main user input devices in computer science, the use of (multi) touch screens is now becoming more and more ubiquitous. This is a revolutionary development, because touching a graphical user interface directly is a far more immersive activity than using the traditional indirect controller devices. Touch interaction is of particular use with tasks that require skill and a close connection between human and computer, such as creating music.

NiftySynth : “a preview of (multi) touch synthesizers to come?”

To satisfy both our wish to create a multi touch application and a music synthesizer application at the same time, we have created an interactive multitouch audio experience application built in Actionscript 3 / Flash. Using the TUIO multitouch and SiON synthesizer libraries we have been able to develop a portable multitouch application that can be controlled using a professional multitouch surface such as the surface in the Intertain lab at the VU in Amsterdam, but also with a homemade multitouch surface such as the one we have created ourselves (see the photos below).
Though the application is built for TUIO multitouch data, it also has singletouch mouse support so it’ll work with a normal mouse as well, so be sure to try out the NiftySynth application. For a demonstration on the Intertain multitouch surface please watch the videos!


Support Applications


Colin Petty combining NiftySynth with motion gestures

Android Development

The web is everywhere, and more and more we access it from the comfort of our couch or while traveling to work. While normal web pages can be viewed with most mobile devices, applications (apps) specifically tailored for smartphones and tablets allow for a far more intuitive and immersive user experience.

Android is the most powerful open platform for mobile applications.

To empower the possibilities of mobile development, the Google Android SDK can be used to develop small example widgets and applications for the mobile Android platform, allowing clients to take advantage of the technological connectivity possibilities of today’s high end smartphones. We have created a number of example applications and widgets to explore the vast number of use cases for the Android platform.

Some of the applications we developed: