the Object Management System

From case studies, we found that it is often difficult to easily create multiple presentation modalities of the same content collection. Especially as (multimedia) portfolios continue to become less homogeneous and contain more different types of media, storing, managing and annotating them all with one single system becomes problematic.

tOMS functions as a single back end content management system for portfolios that consist of many different types of content.

tOMS stands for ‘the Object Management System’. tOMS is an open-ended, content type independent, highly versatile content management system. The system is designed to enable its users to easily submit and maintain items in their own portfolio and represent their works in various ways. By separating the database and content management from the representation, users are able to use the system to get the object information into their own representations without having to hardcode their content into their application and having to recode content storage again for every presentation method.




Everyone is familiar with the situation: you find yourself in a room full of people, listening to a presentation by a speaker. Sometimes, these presentations can be boring. Often when a presentation, the interestingness of the ‘slides’ is one of the key factors. If only those slides would be a bit less static!

PowerRail aims to make presentations more dynamic.

PowerRail is a Papervision 3d and XML powered presenting tool. The application delivers a flash 3d environment in which content ranging from text, images, video’s and even live streams can be displayed, grouped, and presented either in an automatic timed slideshow, or interactively depending on the user or presenter’s actions. This means PowerRail is multimodal, it can for example be used both as a rich internet application to present a set of assets online, or in full screen presentation mode during presentations for audiences.

Because of the versatility of the application the results are only limited to the user’s creativity.